A Valediction is Ellis Friedman’s first novel. Ellis started writing A Valediction in 2008 shortly after graduating from Wellesley College. A few months later, she moved to Huzhou, Zhejiang, China, where she completed her novel in mid-2009.

After some self-editing and input from a few reader friends, the manuscript sat untouched until a few years later when Papa, her grandfather, insisted that the manuscript languish no further, and found the publisher, Friesen Press, himself.  The manuscript underwent a few rounds of editing while Ellis lived and worked in Beijing. The hazardous pollution drove her back to her hometown, Phoenix, in 2013. Never has Ellis more appreciated a blue sky.

Ellis has been a writer since childhood, her first tome being a self-illustrated eight-page thriller about an international thief who steals the Taj Mahal and hides it in the Amazon. She is currently working on her second novel, which hopefully will take place at least partially in China (barring any surprises from her characters). 

Though she has an idiosyncratic fondness for grammar and style guides, Ellis does get away from her computer occasionally, usually to hike, do yoga, or travel to the next far-flung destination.