I Need Something to Read

Going somewhere far-flung and fabulous? Staycationing by the pool? Hiding from your family? It doesn't matter - any way, you need a book to read.

A Valediction is that book. Here's why.

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be in two places at once

Reading solves the problem of not being able to be in two places at once, and when you read A Valediction, one of the places you'll be is Italy. It really could be worse.

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you've read everything - but you haven't read this

George RR Martin is still working on book six; Diana Gabaldon is still writing book 9; The Goldfinch was great, but it's over now. You've gone through the recommendations your friends and the most known critics have provided. Give this unknown a shot, and say you were one of A Valediction's earliest readers.


savor good writing

Here's what Publishers Weekly had to say: "Friedman’s bittersweet novel eloquently explores the complexities of relationships and human desire ... Friedman’s strong writing makes this a novel worth reading. The story gracefully moves between descriptions of the beauty and people of Florence, the wonders of fine foods, and the uncertainty and pain of heartbreak."